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Reliable electricity - something taken for granted in industrialised countries, but rather a rare commodity in developing countries and conflict areas.

CCSoftware Klaus Stephan GmbH offers affordable turnkey solutions for social, commercial or industrial projects.

Photovoltaic production in combination with a battery system ensures continuity of supply in all cases of unstable power grid connection, or beyond accessible supply networks.
We dimension solar containers according to your requirements, but we can also implement extensions if your electricity needs change later. Solar containers from CCSoftware are fully automated, can feed into the grid if desired and also offer remote monitoring.
Our solar collectors work in both sunshine and rain. It is possible to increase the operational reliability of the power supply by building a hybrid system. If desired, a diesel generator can be integrated additionally, e.g. for a hospital or a laboratory.
Reserve power supply systems from CCSoftware also prevent expensive equipment defects that could otherwise easily be caused by fluctuations in power supplies.
This environmentally friendly technology not only makes you less dependent on the energy provider, but also drastically reduces your electricity bills.  
Compared to other systems, fuel and maintenance costs can also be saved.
Due to our reasoned concept and the use of exclusively high-quality components, we achieve maximum reliability in operation. Just send us your inquiry with your requirements. We will be pleased to make you an individual quotation including installation on site, training and maintenance.

Solar containers from CCSoftware Klaus Stephan GmbH start where others stop!
CCSoftware Klaus Stephan GmbH
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