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Safe Power Supply from the Container Environmentally Friendly and Reliable

Why a solar container?

Reliable power supply is not a matter of course everywhere. In many countries there is no or insufficient supply of electricity. Equipment is damaged because the voltage available is not stable. Medical equipment is particularly sensitive, but also refrigerators, pumps, lamps, computers and other devices are affected and often become defective after few years (sometimes months).

Based on our experience, which we have gained in various countries since 2010, we have developed a power supply in a compact 20 foot container which is suitable for many applications. On the basis of a photovoltaic system the necessary energy demand is covered. For the energy demand at night batteries are used.
Developing countries have hardly any clean energy. With our container the users receive reliable clean energy, because only in emergencies the generator must be used, which is otherwise often the only and very expensive source of energy.

Possible users

Hospitals, orphanages, social institutions, schools, health camps, disaster areas, refugee camps

Sustainable concept

With every kWh of energy that is generated, 0.7 kg of CO2 is saved.
We only use brand products of the best quality to ensure a reliable long-term supply. Our plants are designed for a long service life. According to the manufacturers, photovoltaic panels should supply 25 years of energy, the inverters have a life span of 15 years and the batteries are protected from damage by intelligent energy management. Here, depending on the use, 10 to 12 years can be achieved.  All products used are state of the art. The necessary service work can be done on site. The system operates fully automatically and the protective devices prevent overloading of the system and the batteries.  The system is remotely monitored and can also be analysed with remote maintenance if the Internet connection is stable.

The containers are built and tested by us in Germany. After shipping, they are set up and installed by us on site. To ensure sustainability and functionality we carry out annual service work and train personnel on site who can carry out simple service and installation work independently.

Our experience

The experience gained in more than 40 years in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering in Zambia, Nepal, India, Papua New Guinea and West Africa. This project was developed from this.

Performance and technology

The insulated standard container is air-conditioned and equipped with the necessary technology equipped. The batteries are designed with sufficient capacity, so that they can be used for many years. Often in comparable systems overload and deeply discharge the batteries so that damage occurs after only 3 to 5 years. Our monitoring system not only provides data on yield, consumption and the energy balance, it also prevents consumers which have too high consumption and it protects the Batteries before deep discharge.

For times with little solar yield we have a generator in the system which supplies the consumers and charges the batteries when required.  This can be purchased as an option and its size is adapted to the needs of the customizable.

If there is a grid connection and this is unstable, our energy centre ensures a constant uninterrupted power supply. The existing mains supply can be used to charge batteries even if it is unstable.
It is a modular concept, it can also be used for higher performance requirements by interconnecting several containers.

Scope of delivery

Commissioning, training, maintenance
Not feasible without training and maintenance.
Since we are aware of the difficulties at the locations, the container is also supplied with tools and installation material for on-site installation.
This enables us to provide energy and carry out the installation within 2 days after delivery of the container, no matter where the container is located.

Technical data in general for a container 20 feet:

photovoltaic power up to 35 kWp per container
Battery capacity from 96 kWh to 180 kWh total capacity at C10
(recommended useful size 50% of the battery capacity), this capacity is expandable
Continuous power of the inverters 18 kW (supply of consumers)
Peak power of the inverters 36 kW  
Peak power of the entire system >50 kW (with 30 kWp version)
Generator 10/12 kW industry standard diesel (or as required)
3 or 1-phase system (230 V or 400 V) - 20 feet standard container (air-conditioned)
Weight from 12 t depending on the version

Scope of delivery Equipment of the 30 kWp version

20 feet container, air-conditioned
PV modules 30 kWp
Roof and/or open space mounting material for PV panels with 30 kWp Power,
Batteries 120 kWh total capacity C10
PV inverter for 30 kWp
3 battery inverters (system can be ordered 3-phase or single-phase)
Remote monitoring of the plant
Installation material for consumers  
Tools for setting up the system and connecting the consumers
Commissioning by 2 specialists up to 12 working days (additional time required is charged). On-site training of personnel to enable them to carry out basic service work  
A maintenance appointment to check the system after 6 to 9 months with 3 working days
10 KW diesel generator

Not included are travel expenses of service personnel for commissioning and maintenance work.  These will be invoiced according to time and effort.
CCSoftware Klaus Stephan GmbH
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